Wednesday, May 01, 2024

 We went to the Pima County Fair twice. I enjoyed looking at the baked goods and crafts. I also liked the chickens- so many varieties. Also rabbits and baby goats.

I wanted to kid-nap this one.


The second time we went back was auction day. First we sat through the rodeo, during which the "clown" made anti-Biden and anti-women jokes. I eventually got up and left. Went inside the animal barn. Kids were primping their steers, pigs, and sheep and they were being auctioned off for huge amounts of money. And all I could think was those poor animals were being made pretty so that someone could kill them and other people could eat them.

So gross.

A couple of days ago I headed north to Wickenburg to do a survey. It is spring time up there (elevation 2800 feet above sea level) and lots of things were flowering. Pretty! 

In front of a giant Joshua Tree, which is actually a type of yucca.

A white flower.

Lupines and some purple flower.

I walked along the sides of US 93 looking for cultural resources. I saw lots of hubcaps, beverage bottles, and my least favorite- bottles filled with urine. Truck drivers have this funnel contraption that they use to pee into bottles, then out the window. SO MANY.


After surveying I stopped downtown Wickenburg and went to the antique store. Thought about buying a cute vintage Holiday Tree baking dish. But then I saw the prominent display of Orange Monster hats and I put the pan down and walked out.

Hate hats

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