Saturday, August 09, 2003

Bruce Kluger has a great editorial in the New York Times today on the interconnectedness of the internet. The 'Six Degrees of Separation" phenomena that was recently used in an attempt to discredit the gay bishop candidate from New Hampshire. A youth group he was involved with briefly had a website that, through websites it was linked to, eventually linked to a porn site. Since porn is the number one internet industry that is not the least bit surprising.

What if we targeted people based on their degrees of separation? Case in point:

George BUSH--->Dick RUMSFIELD--->Saddam HUSSEIN

Rummy actually shook hands with Sodomy Insane at a meeting during George I's reign.

Conspiracy theories- one of my favorites (?) is "Bill Clinton, murderer." According to a bunch of right wing fanatics, Clinton was responsible for the murders of a number of people who were connected to him in often tangential ways. Too much time on their hands. Now Terry Gross at NPR must be murdering a lot of people because lately her show has been re-running interviews with people who have mysteriously died. The last one I heard was Bob Hope. At least she waited until he was 100.

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