Friday, August 08, 2003

Family History I'm really into family history and local history- the small scale stuff. I am currently working on my portfolio to apply to become a certified genealogist and after a trip to the National Archives in October I am sending that application off. I like puzzles and mysteries. Where did someone come from? How long did they live? Who were their parents? Etc. Often you have scant clues to rely on and then maybe you make a cool discovery. It is nice that as part of my work I often end up researching the lives of the people that I dig up.

Totally changing topics. Tucson has a "men's bar," the Venture Inn, and I am not sure I want to spend my dollars there. They kicked drag queens out in December, called the police on them, since the owner wants the place to maintain its "maleness," whatever that is. It disturbs me that gays belittle each other or say things like I'm "straight acting" or "not into this or that ethnic/racial group." It seems to me that the last thing a minority group needs to do is tear apart each other rather than the oppressors who would rather that we hide in a hole in the ground. I also hate the fact that gay bars usually don't have windows and are so hidden away. I understand the reasoning behind this, I just can't wait for the day when gays are considered absolutely boring.

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