Sunday, August 10, 2003

Went north to Phoenix yesterday to hang out with my friends B. and R. They live in a new apartment building. Very luxurious and comfortable. My favorite amenity- the polished granite kitchen counters. We went to a restaurant called My Flowers for a birthday dinner of a friend of theirs. I had peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwiches. The birthday cake was really good- it had fudge in between the layers. Of course I had an unpleasant stomache ache afterwards.

We went to 'Pageant- The Musical" at the Herberger Theater. The play is about the Glamouresse Beauty Pageant and had six men dressed up as women- for instance "Miss Deep South" and "Miss Industrial Northeast." It was funny and at times the actors interacted with the audience in an amusing way. The pageant emcee was really good. While we were at the restaurant my short, cute buddy Bob showed up and he also sat in front of me at the theater. He is better looking every time I see him.

Gay guys in Phoenix tend to look alike- most of them have perfect haircuts and wear tight black shirts and slacks/designer jeans. When I am up in Phoenix I feel like a nerd. I mean, I give myself my own haircuts so they are never very good. And I am not interested in dress shirts, at least not enough to actually buy one. My friend Curtis gave me a cool vintage tuxedo shirt that only buttons halfway (your 'sposed to use studs for the rest). I wore it unbuttoned and felt I looked like a late 1970s stud.

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