Sunday, January 25, 2004

At the Venture Inn I saw a lot of people. Jeffrey T. was there, looking fine in his cowboy hat and his tight jeans. Panchesco and I are growing our hair out. Niles and I have similar glasses. Chris and Douglas and Patrick out on the patio, the rain has stopped for awhile. Patrick has the best moustache in town. The Ex was there, and it still bothers me to talk with him because I miss the old times, miss having him as a best friend. He, perhaps, doesn't understand this. David A. was there, smiling as usual. And Miguel or Mike, I can never remember what he goes by but you cannot forget his pretty smile. And Derek and Reuben, who I had dinner with last night and who is shy out at the bar. And there were lots of people I didn't know and a sexy leather guy who told me I was handsome. And a lot of cigarette smoke and the bar closing at 1 AM because in Arizona nobody is 'sposed to have fun after 1 AM. And now at home the cats sit close to me, but not so close because the cigarette smokiness of my clothes stinks.

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