Sunday, February 01, 2004

24 Hours. I worked on my book, finding the Kingdon family in Illinois and Kansas. I stopped at the health food supermarket and sampled a disgusting healthy snack chip. At running charades my list- e-mail, spam, Viagra, Nigerian dictator, lower mortgage rates, teenage sluts, penis enlargement, enough- was decidedly difficult and no one caught on to the theme. Doug the tympanist was very cute and had a sexy demeanor. I invited him to my upcoming party. I developed a stomach ache, unfortunately.

This morning I read the New York Times and the Arizona Daily Star. I clipped a coupon that saved me three dollars. The neighbor kids asked if I would pay them to rake my yard. I agreed, and I'm guessing the $10 went to candy and popcorn at the movies. At Ace Hardware I bought flower seeds. At Queen Donut I treated myself to a lemon -filled and a huge Diet Pepsi. Then at the pet store I ooed and ahhed at the cute cats and puppies. I switched lines so that I was waited on by Ryan, the incredibly good looking clerk. I had a moment of lust. On the way back home, while driving down Oracle, I saw a prostitute sauntering up the street, looking for some business. I bet her last 24 hours was a lot different, and perhaps more interesting, than mine.

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