Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Damn, writer's block! I kinda knew that I was going to have it tonight and when I sat down I was so right! So I've decided to pick a totally strange topic. Scars. And make a list.

1). Forehead, center, cousin Katie's croquet mallet.
2). Right hand, between the knuckles, glass bottle fragment in an outhouse.
3). Left hand, palm and along outer side, Mama Cat in December.
4). Left hand, along outer side, unknown.
5). Right shoulder, top of scapula, infected acne spot.
6). Left lower leg, front, glass coffee table at a party.
7). Left thigh, front, infected acne spot.
8). Neck, front above Adam's apple, surgery to remove large benign cyst.
9). Penis, circumcision!

How many scars do you have?

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