Friday, April 02, 2004

April showers. The rain continues... and continues... It was pouring a while ago and my feet are rather wet. The desert really needs the water, we have been going through a rather long drought here. But of course the grass that I trimmed on Monday will grow like crazy and I will have to weed whack again soon.

Raining on Tom.

Very quiet at work, I have been productive despite some ongoing computer problems. You would think that being an archaeologist was always exciting and dangerous and I'd be whipping people and findings idols. Instead I have to re-format documents and make sure the numbers add up correctly in tables.

Yesterday was Puff and Joey's fourth birthday. It seems like a moment ago I was lying in bed and I heard this little mewing sound and I realized that Calico [now Mama Cat] had started having kittens. She was a stray that came to the back door for food and one day I realized she was both pregnant and had some sort of lung problem- she was coughing badly. So I reached down and grabbed her and dropped her in the house. She didn't like that, but too late. She was caught. I took her to the vet and he said- "She's going to have kittens in a week." So six days later out popped five kitties. I kept two and the other three went to new homes. Joey was the tomboy- always doing everything first, while Puff was the baby, he just liked to snuggle with me. My mother noted that they have gender identity issues and I would have to agree. So four years later the three are still keeping me company. I just wish they could clean their own litter box.

Homer and Puff.

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