Sunday, April 04, 2004

I sit on my front porch and listen. What do I hear?

- the distant buzz of traffic on I-10
- the closer sounds of cars and trucks on Congress Street, Grande Avenue, and Palomas Avenue
- birds chirping and whistling in the trees in my front yard and in the taller pines across the street
- a few chickens cackling somewhere nearby
- the splash of water in the puddles down the street as cars drive through them

It rained again this morning and afternoon. My allergies should be better but I decided to clean out my bedroom closet and raised a lot of dust. Found that moths had eaten at my great-grand grandmother's crazy quilt pillow. Tossed a few things, sorted a few other things to take to the thrift store. As I wait for Matt B. to call Joey sits on my lap, she makes the little noise that means "Pet me" as she rubs her face on my arm.

What can you hear?

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