Saturday, April 10, 2004

Lazy day for Homie. I've been watching videos of the first season of the American Queer as Folk. I've watched the British version a couple of years ago. So far the two are very similar, I can't say one is particularly better (although the original typically is). Hanging out with the cats- they are each getting some quality time, which involves getting combed. Thankfully it looks like the shedding season is finally ending.

I've added two blogs to my list. Ryan is a guy that I knew a few years ago in Tucson who has since moved away to Philadelphia. I ran into him at a party in Phoenix last year- one thing I've learned is that guys up in that sophisticated town hate facial hair. Ha! Jimbo lives in DC and is into rugby- that sport hasn't arrived in Tucson, as far as I know. I'm not so sure I would be any good at it anyway, since I'm tall and skinny and would snap like a twig if I was trying to tackle somebody.

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