Monday, July 26, 2004

I like libraries- they are filled with books, some with nice pictures, a few are actually worth reading. However, as Jonny will tell you, other library patrons can be a nuisance. Example, today at the university special collections I had to listen to the annoying history buff bother the librarians with his ultra-fascinating questions. I felt sorry for the women sitting behind the desk, his insistence that some unknown librarian had catalogued something incorrectly was met with a luke warm response. I'm sure that his less-than-stellar hygiene and his general wierdness didn't make talking to him very pleasant. 

The Democratic convention is on the telly in the living room. I wandered in to watch Jimmy Carter- he is a great guy. After he left office he spent his time doing good- Habitat for Humanity and election monitoring are two cause I know of. Contrast that with George I, who obsessed with adding millions to his family fortune and periodically parachuting to show us he can still get a woody.

A picture is worth a thousands words. Please memorize the next 3,000 words and be prepared for a test tomorrow.


Doug starts tiling the counter.

A photo for Jimbo.

Mike's dog Faja.

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