Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I've been emailing Todd, who used to live in Tucson back in the mid-90s.  Like Ryan, I had an awful crush on him. Oh my, I used to lie in bed thinking what a sweet guy he was, so cute and funny. I had the biggest crush.

Todd and Ryan hung out with a group of guys that was headed by M., a friend of my roommate. For some reason M. decided I was a geek, and I found it better to stay away from the guys, many of whom spiraled into out-of-control drug use. The bottom point was when S. injected himself with special K and sunk to the bottom of a swimming pool. What a waste.

A couple of years ago I ran into Todd at Christmas time- he had moved to LA and was doing well. And last summer I went to a party at Kurt & Dwayne and there was Ryan, it was so much fun hanging out with him and taking him to the airport. From what I've heard most of those guys have moved on, made better decisions with their lives. I sometimes wonder why M. was so nasty to me, but honestly I just felt sorry for all of the time he lost. 

In other news, Goddam weatherman Chuck George keeps interupting The Amazing Race over some stupid thunderstorm.  Doesn't he know that is my favorite telly show?

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