Saturday, July 24, 2004

On my home improvement show, I worked on plastering cracks in the kitchen. It is a messy task, and it really looks like this is the first time I've ever done this sort of thing. However, the major cracks are filled and maybe with some sanding and a final thin coat it will be dandy. 

Giant cracks-be-gone.

Then into the bathroom, where I removed the old toilet and pulled up most of the linoleum and the underlying plywood. I knew the toilet had leaked once, but soon discovered that it was still leaking and that the wooden floor around the outlet pipe was all cruddy. So I ran over to the lumber store and bought oak flooring strips that will replace the messed up areas. I didn't remove the sink- the plumbers are going to have to come replace the cold water valve underneath because it won't shut off and it starts to leak when it is turned. I just have to remember- "I'm increasing the value of my house!" Last week I bought a new old-fashioned-looking toilet and sink for this bathroom, too bad the cats are the only ones that ever use it.

Looking in from the study to the nasty bathroom floor.

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