Thursday, July 15, 2004

The New York boys drunk dialed me- Patrick and MAK and Atticus. They were at some loud bar and the reception was horrible. I felt envious, New York can be so much more exciting than Tucson.
This afternoon I went over to Gavin's and sat in his little backyard pool and chatted. His hair is bleached out from the sun to a nice auburn color. Afterward we went to Ali Baba's and I ate lovely hommous and we ogled the very cute waiter with the incredible ass.  I wonder if he knows how lovely it is.
At home Joey is sitting on my lap as I type. She made her little noise that means "Pick me up, dammit!" so I complied. I scratch the base of her tail and she looks at me, very pleased. She's been a good kitty for the last month. Hope that continues.

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