Friday, July 16, 2004

They should just let Martha teach home economic skills to people or something useful. It irritates me that they pursue her while Kenneth Lay lounged around. I wonder if it had anything to do with her donations to the Democratic party or the fact that she is the most prominent female business owner in the country. Gotta keep the uppity women in their place, which used to be, ironically, the kitchen.
Chatted with Jimbo on the phone this morning. Next week I'll know whether I'll be heading to Washington DC in mid August for work.  It'll be nice to see Jimbo, Chrisafer, maybe Zenchick, and my friends John and Kelly.
I'm at home with acid reflux tummyache. Oh it is like a skanky sauna, the humidity is evil. Even the cats are super cranky and are fighting. Puff is whining at me as I type this. Sorry, puss, not much I can do about the situation.

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