Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's a NewsGay. I feel so fucking popular because us gay folks are in the news so much. Getting tired of signing autographs and the goddam papparazi- I mean I can't even cornhole hot Republican congressmen without some photographer lurking outside of my window (and by the way, Dick Cheney, stop calling me, I wouldn't poke your nasty ass for all of the pretty 1940s-1950s knick knacks in the world. I just don't care that Bob Dole got you a discount on Viagara, you are just plain ugly, a regular triple bagger [one bag on your head and two on mine, just in case both come off as I squirm from repulsion]). In contrast, the newly queer New Jersey governor is kinda cute.

Now that that's off my chest.... I tried this morning to take charming photos of Puff, my black cat, but he is completely unphotogenic. Partly that is because he's a black cat, and looks like a black blob in most pictures and partly because he doesn't take photo directions very well. "Look this way!" I tell him and he immediately looks the other way. Joey is a tad better, and because she is orange, she looks much better (you must know by now of my fondness for redheads. Woof. Well, I don't look at Joey like that).

So anyway, ummmmm- lot's of excitement happening. Watched the Amazing Race with Doug and Abe and David. We yelled at the television and David and I disagree strongly about Charla (I like, he not). I've had some nice emails lately- Mouse sent me mashed potatoes via email, Palochi thinks that Arizona is hot, and Robert sent me a movie to watch, Puff and Joey are excited that it has subtitles but were all upset when I told them they weren't in Cat.

Look at the camera Puff and Joey! Goddam cats!

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