Friday, August 13, 2004

Nothing exciting today. I had insomnia last night- too much caffeine and way too hot. The cats enjoyed the extra attention, they get excited and Mama Cat and Puff do this thing with their paws, thrusting the wicked sharp nails in and out. I roll over and tell Puff "Stop!" and he hears "Do it again!" I feel like a big old pincussion.

Tomorrow the sink gets grouted and Sunday Doug starts work on the final cabinets. I priced floor sanders this morning- they are cheap to rent, the sandpaper is pricy. I'm stripping some paint and sanding on the awning over my front door- getting rid of the spots where the old paint is bubbled up. Four layers- (oldest to newest) tan, dark red, turquoise, turquoise blue. Soon to be bright dark purple.

Had to come inside because there is a lightning storm going on, but no rain. The drought we are having in Arizona is continuing- and my trees are showing it, their leaves all shriveled.

Well that was a boring entry, wasn't it?

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