Wednesday, December 29, 2004

At home computer withdrawal... geez I hope the hard drive arrives tomorrow, I am lost without my internet connection. I asked Jeffrey S. what he does, since he lives in the Dark Ages and has no or internet or cable. He claims he reads books, watches regular television. Personally, I'm convinced he must be doing voodoo rituals and sacrificing goats or something similar.

I'm working on my PowerPoint presentation for next week's talk in England. I've never done one before and can't say I particularly like it. I'd rather show slides and talk about the pretty pictures. I'm going through my images directory and looking for artifacts photos- below are a handful of things found on some of my digs.

Artifacts from a Chinese farmer's well.

O'odham bean pot.

People always ask if I've found gold or dinosaurs. No gold (have found silver coins and gun ornaments) and paleotologists look for dinosaurs. The strangest conversation I had was the woman who refused to believe that I had a buffalo bone in my dig area, "The Bible says bones turn to dust!" she yelled at me. She was from North Dakota...

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