Thursday, December 30, 2004

I want to avoid the news, the tsunami tragedy keeps getting worse and worse. And then I hear that after three days our beloved leader lifted his ass off his couch and went to the phone to offer condolences to the leaders of the countries affected. Oh, and they have upped the aid money to $35 million. That is still less than the $40 million being spent on the upcoming four-day Inauguration celebration. I'm not feeling particularly rich at the moment but I sent a cash donation to the Red Cross today to help out people who need the money more than I do.

I chatted an hour last night with Archerr and we discussed hot topics like insurance, computer hard drives (hehe, I typed the word 'hard'), our love for the Beloved Leader, and so on. I had horrible (unrelated) insomnia afterwards, and because I had no computer, went low-tech and sat on my couch and looked at the pretty Holiday Tree lights. I'm one of those people who have decided to liberate the season away from Christian tyranny, much to their anger. Fuck em, it was a pagan holiday long before Christ was thought up. All three cats came and lay on me, trying to suck my body heat away. Eventually I went back to bed and turned the electric blanket on, which made the cats all happy.

I'm almost back to normal from the hernia surgery. The incisions (which were apparently super-glued shut) are just a little painful. Can't lift any heavy things either. I guess I'll be packing light for my trip to England.

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