Friday, December 31, 2004

Last day of 2004. It was a rotten year, it was a great year. At a national and international it sucked, anyone with a smidgeon of common sense must realize this. Enough said, in many ways this was a year to forget.

In contrast, on a personal level 2004 was pretty good. Highlights: remodeled my kitchen and bathroom, went on a couple of trips (NYC and DC) where I met a bunch of bloggers, had my mom in town for a month, had two successful parties, took a few lovely pictures, wrote a few great entries on my blog, kissed a few cute guys. I think the best thing is that I've made some really good friends this year- Archerr and Jimbo get special mention, but there are a bunch of other people who I feel lucky to have spent time with, I won't do a laundry list of names, I'm sure you know who you are.

The few bad things- "cosmetic" colonoscopy, having to find a home for two cats, and hernia surgery- ended successfully. The day after my surgery I also made a decision to rid myself of some harsh feelings I had toward the Ex. It's been too long and those emotions were a waste of energy. I felt a big rush of relief and peacefulness afterwards.


Yesterday I paid somebody for the first time in two and a half years to cut my hair, which I'm letting grow out. And this morning, I was horrified to find not one but two gray chest hairs!

So I rubbed snowman ornament's little round tummy and made a wish list for 2005:

- more time spent with friends
- more interesting work
- more travel
- maybe a nice boyfriend
- better times for the rest of the world

Why don't you rub the snowman's tummy on your screen and tell me your biggest wish for 2005?

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