Saturday, January 01, 2005

Please Brian, don't be mad. I held the camera out at arm's length, I confess, to take this picture of Sandy and I last night. I had forgotten the tripod, I'm forgetful sometimes.

Sandy and Homer, last day of 2004.

Sandy and I sat on his couch and drank a bottle of Franciscan merlot and talked for hours and hours. Finally we switched the telly on two minutes before midnight and watched/listened as the ball dropped and Regis Philbin tried to comment, although his comments were just dull and tedious.

Roger sat next to me, tired out from playing and a little flatulent. How could disgusting smells come from such a cute dog?

Sandy's partner Mark is back in Australia and I feel bad that they have to be apart for the next five months or so.

On my first morning of 2005 I watched Moulin Rouge, which ranks as one of my five favorite films (the others are Polyester, the original Manchurian Candidate, Girls will be Girls, and the Poseidon Adventure). Moulin Rouge just has the greatest use of color, costumes, clever songs. I nice way to start the year, if only I had a cute guy to watch it with me.

Hey Patrick S., if you read this can you send me an email to my email address- I'm having computer problems and can't access you email address on the comments and I don't have access to my normal email contact list!

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