Thursday, December 02, 2004

It is a very opportune moment. Mummy is spending the night over at my Ex's Mom's house. They are best friends and have fun hanging out. The Ex's sister lives across the street and she came over and took me over to see her place. The best part of the house was the original 1958 kitchen- big pink porcelain sink, cute little built-in oven, the 4-burner range had a aluminum Eames-era hood for the fan, and the original cabinets had the original hardware (big round aluminum handles, indented in the center). Oh, so frickin' cool. And she is getting ready to gut the place to modernize it...Arghh. I don't think she realizes the value of it.

Brian and I are chatting online. You wouldn't believe the sordid details of his very private (but tawdry) life that he is busy QWERTYing to me. He must think I'm a total goof, and you know what, he'd be right about that. I have the stupidest sense of humor, part juvenile, part potty, part smart ass. If there was a hell, I'd be burning for what I just wrote about Billy Graham...

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