Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I tripped and fell and mashed my digital camera into the gravelly dirt. The lens is now stuck inside and won't come out and play. So naturally I should be cranky as hell but there are just some things not worth getting cranky as hell about and this is one of them and jesus fricken christ this never ending sentence is.

I was out on the San Pedro River working on a little project looking for a battlesite where some Native Americans killed a bunch of Spanish soldiers back in the 1770s. Those Apaches were righteously angry and those poor Spaniards were unlucky. No evidence for the battle today but we did record an immense prehistoric site with lots of beautifully decorated pottery sherds. Unfortunately, because my camera is differently-abled, I can't show you just how beautiful they were.

In fact, this is one of the few pictures I managed to take this morning.

Moments before the fateful-but-not-fatal fall.

It really sucked having a broken camera because on the way back to Tucson I saw a lot of smoke and it turned out a business was busy burning to the ground and the billowing smoke and flames were quite dramatic and in some ways beautiful as well.

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