Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Taxes are done. A hefty refund coming my way, I'll be able to pay off the credit card debt (racked up on my trip to England) and have enough money for a plane ticket to new York City in May with a nice sum left over.

I'm making samosas tonight- potato, onion, and parsnip. Instead of deep frying them I wrap them in phillo dough and bake them until they are crisp. If they turn out well I'll take some photos and post them. I'll never be able to make things that look as perfect as Jonny, but they usually taste great.

It is spring time in Arizona. We will be having a huge wildflower season I think, I'm sure Jimbo will be getting to see some. These flowers are in a yard near work.

Daisies, 2005.

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