Thursday, February 10, 2005

Worst moments ever. In no particular order.

1). The Ex telling me he was leaving.
2). My dog Pouncer being hit by a car.
3). Having to tell someone a friend had been murdered.
4). Being told the lump in my throat might be cancer.
5). Wishing I was dead as a teenager because my father was so mean to me.

Best moments ever. A few of many.

1). Telling the Ex I love you in a parking garage at the San Francisco airport.
2). Bottle feeding kittens at work for a month.
3). Picking black raspberries in Grandma's front yard and making jam out of them.
4). Quitting that horrible job at the business library.
5). Smiling the day the braces came off.

What is your worst and best moments?

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