Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So I've been a little down and one way to pick myself up is to pull out the box of pictures and find some happy memories...

Homer and Dorothy at the fair, 1977.

Dorothy kicked the judge and got a second place ribbon, even though she was the only heifer in her category.

Uli, Homer, and Matt.

We spent the night at a hot springs at Yellowstone. Melanie took the picture, I skinny dipped with Uli, god was he cute. My hair had turned blond from being out in the sun so long at such a high altitude.

Homer pulls the boat.

This is also back in 1987, I was doing an archaeology dig on the floor of Jackson Lake after it was drained to repair the dam. Every day I would drag the boat to shore (we couldn't use the motor because it would get stuck in the mud). Melanie has that sweater still- my mother used to wear it out to the barn to milk cows.

Oslynn and Homer.

We share the same birthday (September 16) and back in 1990 we shared an apartment. She met her husband downstairs- I had a crush on the guy who gave me those flowers, but he ended up being a jerk. I still like the flowers though.

Homer, Mike, and Yorgos at Olympia.

The drive through the mountains made me carsick. Olympia was beautiful, so green and lots of ruins. Yorgos could read the ancient inscriptions. At the restaurant in the mountain village nearby I had a really good meal of string beans in a tomato sauce and fresh bread.

I think this is about 1972 or 1973.

Can you find me?

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