Friday, June 17, 2005

Current events:

- The whole Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes romance is giving me the creeps.

- Jeb Bush now wants to investigate Mr. Schiavo, I guess insinuating that foul play was involved. Hasn't he been paying attention? This is how you lose any hope of getting elected president. Maybe it is for the best, but I just feel sorry for Schiavo.

- All those earthquakes in California- I'm glad Jonny is taking down his breakables.

- I've been on Archerr's radioblog a couple of times and I guess my voice disappoints some people. Sorry about the nasal tone and (I guess) the general faggoty sound. I really don't care, I'm comfortable in my own skin.

- I spent a lot of time reading blogs while battling the flu. I'm really enjoying Aaron's travel blog. I was especially excited to see the return of Redpoy. I think his was the third blog I started reading, about three years ago.

- Half the weekend gets wasted because I have to give tours for six hours tomorrow. Won't you stop by?

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