Monday, June 27, 2005

The gay waterpark event on Saturday night was not well attended. Maybe a couple of hundred people. One of Madonna's backup singers sang. Funny thing, when she walked off the stage at the end, after handing her microphone to the hunky DJ, she was still singing. How did that work?

I shook hands with two hotties. I recognized both, one sells insurance. He is very cute and has a furry chest and a friendly smile. I encouraged Jeffrey S. to ask him out. It was very obvious insurance hottie was interested, I want to play matchmaker. The other was a very hot graduate student. How many times can I use the word "hot" in one blog entry?

I played in the water and I guess I had enough drinks that I didn't care when a certain someone admitted to peeing in the pool.

I only saw two swimsuit mistakes. Luckily, the hottest guys decided to wear the skimpiest swimsuits. I appreciate that, especially when the one remembered my name. His swimsuit had zebra stripes on it trying to camouflage a giant anaconda.

I flirted in the pool with someone. We are going on a second date soon. In conclusion, a fun time was had. You should come next year.

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