Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am a bit sunburned after floating down the Gila River on an innertube yesterday.

The Gila River.

Patrick had emailed me asking if I wanted to go. I'll admit to being a little nervous, I'm not the best swimmer and the spot where we got in the river was running a little fast. Once in, however, the fears evaporated.

Patrick and Homer.

I think drinking a few beers helped.

A pair of blue herons- tall, gangly and rather large- kept flying ahead of us. Jimbo will be jealous when I mention that there were numerous vermillion flycatchers, crows, several hawks, ducks, a hummingbird, and an identified yellow bird that Patrick says was not a finch. Also some little fishes.


I spent some time talking with Brady as we trailed along, lying on out stomachs. The rivers in Arizona don't run much, many are completely dry as humans have dammed them and diverted the water for pools, lawns, and farm fields. The Gila only runs when the dams release water for the farmers or because they are too full. It is too bad that some sort of compromise couldn't be worked out so the herons and fishes could have a river to live in year-round.

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