Monday, July 11, 2005

A tour of Homer's house, part 1. Robert wanted to see what my house looked like. So I cleaned a little (although you can see the dining room floor is dusty!) and cleared away things and took some photos.

Living room.

You step directly through my front door into the living room. No coming in the back way- I don't have a garage and I park my car in the same spot the cars have been parked since the house was built in 1927. The painting above the fireplace was done by David Smithson, my former neighbor [when I lived in the complex where Jim's boyfriend Chris later lived] who later married the Ex's sister.

Yard sale mosaic table.

Right before I bought the house I stopped at a garage sale and saw this table. I made an offer on it and the woman called me a month later to ask if I still wanted it. Of all my furniture, this is the piece I would carry out if the house was on fire.

Dining room.

The dining room walls are painted Ralph Lauren's "Ballroom Red" with gold paint sponged over it. At night it sparkles. The dining room set looks nice, except you can't see the horrible scratch marks from my cats sharp claws, left when they were playing when they were kittens.

China cabinet with family heirlooms.

In the corner is an Art Deco china cabinet, probably made in some furniture factory in Michigan in the 1930s. It is filled with family heirlooms dating from the 1820s up to the 1930s.


I restored my kitchen last summer (thanks Doug K.!) and if you go to my archives beginning on June 22,2004, you can follow the project. In the open cabinets above you can see some fun 1950s-1960s genie bottles. The red vase on the left side appeared in the April 1999 issue of Wallpaper, in an article styled by my friend Curtis. The blue Ball mason jars in the center, on each side of 'Martha,' were used by my grandmother and her mother to can fruit in back in Michigan.

Visibake stove, circa 1950-1955.

Just recently I had the stove restorer come back and fix my oven, which stopped working after I baked a cherry pie. It is too hot to use the oven now, but in the winter I do a lot of cooking. When I go to antique stores I look for funky plates to hang along the top of the wall. Somewhere I have a bunch of seed packets from the 1940s that I need to find and have mounted in a frame to hang on the wall.

Tomorrow, the rest of the house... By the way, the new photo function on Blogger sucks majorly! I had to re-do this a dozen times to get the pictures positioned even halfway decently.

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