Thursday, May 04, 2006

Andrew Sullivan is a fucktard. Sometimes I like him, although often I think he places too much hope in politicians. Today he is just a fucking idiot.

He writes: "I'm longing for gas at $4 a gallon. Yes, I know it hurts people. But pain is the only medicine for America's oil addiction."

Andrew lives in DC. His commute to work consists of walking to his desk. DC also has a nice, clean public transit system that is remarkably cheap. You can bicycle to interesting places, like Jimbo does. Plus Sullivan probably makes big bucks yapping (and itching his 'roids) on the telly or for Time magazine. Four dollar a gallon gas aint gonna bother his scratchy ass in the slightest.

In contrast, my mother lives in rural Michigan. She has to drive at least 10 miles to the store. She lives on Social Security and a tiny pension. Last year they raised her Social Security by maybe $20 a month. That doesn't help much when energy prices soar.

Andrew also blathered on about Roe V Wade: "And if some states were to ban all abortions, along theocon lines, then pro-choice groups should do all they can to expand access to contraception, the Morning After pill, adoption (including gay adoption) and access to out-of-state first trimester abortions if necessary."

Again, he lives in a liberal city with easy public transportation. If he needed to abort a baby he could hop on the bus and go visit a clinic. Not so easy in places like South Dakota or Wyoming where there are one or maybe two clinics in the entire state. The high price of gas ties in, of course, because that makes it more expensive to drive 400 miles to have an abortion.

And the Theo-cons aren't going to stop at abortion. Next up will be banning contraception. Don't want to have taxpayer dollars go to sluts and whores, do we?

Andrew Sullivan can be such a pain in the ass.

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