Thursday, May 04, 2006

A friend has suggested to me that I don't appear happy on my blog. Actually, I am going through a rather nice time in my life. I've recently met a bunch of bloggers that I had really wanted to meet. They were all as great in person as I imagined (hi Moby, Brett, RJ, Marc, and Chad!). Oh any Brandon too! And Jeff, who I like to whisper secrets to.

Although it is starting to get warm here, the weather has been alright and Seymour, the artichoke, is still growing. Yesterday I discovered my tomato plant is making tomatoes (what a relief that it didn't decide to make radishes, which I really don't care for).

The Hubble Space Telescope keeps taking great pictures of outer space. So much better way to spend money than bombs.

The two great Spots on Jupiter.

Granted, my love life is non-existent, but whatever, I guess I'm not stressing about that. And when I do get pissed off at things like politicians, I get release by writing on my blog or letters to the editor. Afterwards I feel very contented and all.

I have an interesting archaeology project starting soon- I'll bore everyone with lots of pictures. And I'm planning a trip to DC in early August to see Archerr, Jimbo, Tom, and Carl. So everything is as rosey as I could like.

Except I have to fill my gas tank on my car this weekend. And change the swamp cooler pads. And pay my mother's library fine. Oh geez, there I go again.

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