Friday, May 19, 2006

The Mayor asked me a couple of questions- why did the one wall slope downhill? I explained that Tucson's Spanish-era fort was built directly on the ground surface and that the area sloped down to the west.

The mayor shovels mortar.

At last week's meeting I asked whether there was going to be a cornerstone ceremony for the new park. This is the area I was doing archaeology in this last December through February.

Dedication ceremony.

The foundations of the new walls and tower are in place and the adobe bricks are being prepared. This is the northeast corner of the Spanish/Mexican Presidio that was here from 1776 to 1856. In a year from now it will be a park where living history is shown to Tucson residents and tourists.

The ceremony turned out to be really nice, I even got to lay one of the adobe bricks. I'll be able to come back years from now and point to that brick- "That one is mine." The cornerstone is from a rock found on the site, once part of the foundation of a boarding house built in the 1890s. I think my idea turned out to be a rather good one.


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