Sunday, May 14, 2006

My chores finished, Puff and I sat on the back porch. I watched him investigate the plants, he sniffs everything and once in a while would look at me and meow. I sometimes can tell what he's saying, there's the "Food bowl empty" meow and the "Please, let me outside with you" meow. This morning he's telling me that he's super excited to be smelling new smells and walking on real dirt.

Lying next to Seymour.

I could smell the tomato plant, the one that survived Mollie digging up most of my garden. Now I've screened off the area so she can't get in. The tomato is busy making medium-sized tomaters, meanwhile the potato plants are still happy, I wonder if they are making potaters?


A lazy morning, debating what I should do. Really I should sweep the house, but know that the dust will make me sneeze like crazy. So instead I lie in bed and I read something scholarly and tell Puff to stop picking on Joey.

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