Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At the Mexican Loteria farewell party, many useful but inexpensive prizes were won.

Guest of Honor, Jimbo.

Not all of the players understood the concept of Loteria [Bingo].


And not everyone won their dream-prize, most notably Vince who got the corn-on-the-cob holder set.


But perhaps because the four pizzas I made were so delish, everyone seemed to have a lovely time. Jimbo was amazed at the ease at which I whipped 'em out,

Patrick shows Frank proper how to do a do-rag.

The cheesecake brownies came out very well, I just had the last one for breakfast.


Jimbo and I hung out Frank and John afterwards and had a long, convulated conversation.

Twirler Panchesco.

Meanwhile, I am sure Panchesco was at home practicing.

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