Saturday, March 24, 2007

So I sent Jimbo up to Phoenix with my car- I'm just finishing feeling like an allergy zombie. Thanks to the huge rain we had yesterday, all of the pollen had settled and I am no longer an oozing mess.

Puff imitates a Kiss member.

So I just sat down and figured out that Jimbo and I are 10th cousins once removed. Our descent from our common ancestor, Robert Ransom, who lived in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts in the 1640s, is as follows:

Susanna--- Deborah
Elizabeth--- Robert
Daniel--- Priscilla
Hannah--- Alden
Mary--- Daniel
Alzina ---William
James ---Faith
James ---Morrell
Jimbo ---Lee

Jimbo is actually in my father's generation, so I'm going to start calling him Daddy from now on.

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