Monday, May 19, 2008

My Trip to NYC.

Wednesday- Late arrival to Chris's house, we lay in bed talking and talking. My snoring kept poor Chris awake.

Thursday- a trip to the genealogical library to look at some records. New York City is always exciting and smelly, filled with so many different people.

Chrysler Building.

On the way back I visited a Catholic cemetery. The squirrels were very friendly. Many of the tombstones begged Jesus to save theperson buried below them, which is sorta sad and pathetic.


Self portrait in the cemetery.

Friday- Lazy day reading the paper, watching a little telly, and then I headed off to Grand Central Station and met Aaron under the clock.

Homer and Aaron on the subway.

Aaron made me dinner and then we went off to the HK Lounge for the blogger meet-up. Met many guys, too bad the music was so LOUD! Lots of people there, old friends and new, including Joe, Tony, Patrick, Mark & Rodger, and Eddie.

We wandered back to his highrise apartment. It was surprising how scared I was out on the balcony.

Saturday- Aaron took me on a tour of historical sites, lovely Indian food, and then the Morgan Library. Afterwards we headed for Central Park and hung out with the bloggers.


Dennis and I.

Sunday- I headed over to Brooklyn and hung out with Les. We had lunch at the Bedoin Tent.

Middle eastern lunch.

Les' adorable dogs, Norman and Hazel, were very adorable.

Norman, Les, and Hazel.

In the afternoon the bloggers met up at Dug Out and we listened to 1980s music, had a few beers, and I even smoked a puff on a cigarette (my third puff).

Damian, Mark, and Aaron.

I was very excited to see Chas again, he's a special friend.

Chas. and I.

My hosts, Aaron and Chris.

Monday- Up at 3:30 AM to catch the Path Train and then a cab to Laguardia. I managed to sleep a bit on the planes, and back in Arizona, ohmigosh it is 100 today.

And now back to reality.

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