Sunday, November 07, 2010

Evan drove down from Flagstaff on Friday and we went to BK's for supper. The next morning we drove out to the Mission of San Xavier del Bac in the monster SUV that I have at the moment. In the plaza is a huge memorial to the immigrants who have died on the Tohono O'odham Nation as they attempt to come to America and realize their dreams.

183 lives ended because Republicans are afraid of Mexicans.

It is horrible to see so many small crosses, many with the Spanish word for "unidentified" on them. Meanwhile, their family members in Mexico and Central America wonder what happened to their loved one.

Hundreds of crosses.

The Mission gleams white in the beautiful blue sky. One of the two towers has been restored, the concrete plaster taken off and the lime and cactus juice plaster applied.

Mission of San Xavier.

The church was completed in 1797. Sometime in the 1790s, someone used paint brushes to paint elaborate portraits of saints, Jesus, Mary, angels- hundreds of images. It is somewhat overwhelming.

An angel.

In the museum room is one of the original illuminated hymnals- in Latin. Can you imagine the Native American choir singing songs in Latin 200 years ago?

This hymnal dates to before 1828.

Although I took Latin in college, I recognize only a few words. Afterwards, we traveled to the Presidio Park. Mummy called and we sat on the porch as I described the car accident and she told me how excited she is to come here in two weeks.

Evan is patient.

I made waffles and Evan helped make hash browns this morning. Afterward, we went on a hike to go see the petroglyphs. I was disappointed to see the vandalism happening there.

Saguaro and blue sky.

At the Sweetwater wetlands, we saw a variety of waterfowl including some widgeons.

Wetlands reflected.

We had lunch at Rosa's and I saw that they have the new calendars ready, I will have to go back and get one for Jimbo's holiday present.

Evan had the avocado enchiladas.

Evan is in the living room playing his guitar and singing while I type this. In a while we will be off to the All Soul's Day Procession.

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