Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My pictures of All Soul's Procession didn't come out very well, so you will just have to imagine 1000s of people in elaborate costumes, altars, memorials, political signs. I was very touched to see many signs against the bullying and suicides of LGBT teenagers.

It was an awesome weekend with Evan. I'm heading up to Flagstaff on Friday so he can show me some archaeology sites.

Still waiting to hear how much money my destroyed Saturn is worth. The whole process seems to be soooo slow. The rental I have is a huge SUV. It is a monster and difficult to drive (hard to see out the back). I can see how something this big would totally crush another car.

I have been looking at a Ford Focus. It is a roomy, good gas mileage, and my mother would be able to get in and out of it easy.

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