Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finished Holiday shopping and wrapping today. Don't tell Mummy, I bought her some stuff.

Let's catch up. But first, why is ketchup also spelled catsup? I am confounded by this.

Although less confounded than the mental problems of my white, Protestant, straight male Senators, John McCain and John Kyl. John McCain thinks soldiers will die because the homos can serve openly in the military. John Kyl agrees, and also thinks it is disrespectful to Christians for the US Senate to work the week after Christmas.

Now I called John Kyl's Tucson office and chatted with Krista, his office person, last Wednesday while Patti and Debbie listened in at work. "We have to work the week after Christmas, does Senator Kyl think we are also disrespecting Christians?" I wondered. As Krista tried very hard not to laugh, I brought up the fact that John Kyl makes a boatload of money ($174,000) each year, and that Patti, Debbie, and I altogether don't make that much money. So as taxpayers, we thought he should actually do some work. Krista agreed to take down my comments. She was helpful, although somewhat misguided for working for that breathing bunghole.

Yesterday, Sandy and Mark accompanied me to the mall to purchase Holiday Presents. It was very, very crowded. One observation, the vast majority of young 'ens in Tucson are African-American, Hispanic, or Asian-American. This is what the future looks like, and this is what the Republican Party does not and will not look like.

Today I made orange marmalade for the first time. I looked at YouTube videos and read a few recipes. They were somewhat confusing and the woman who won the 2008 International Marmalade award was annoying, since she had some very elaborate methods. So I just invented a recipe and it came out alright, according to Mummy, who back in 1948 won an award for knitting in 4-H.

Orange marmalade.

I have also been entering tombstone pictures into the Find-A-Grave website, while watching seasons 3 and now 4 of the new Doctor Who. There is a lot of running and shouting in almost every episode.

Chris, Tara, and Milo came over so Mummy could give Milo the little bear she knitted. He is the smartest 22-month-old child I have ever met.

Tara, Milo, and Mummy.

Unfortunately, my lovely day is busy being ruined by a dreadful headache.

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