Saturday, April 09, 2011

Let's make lemon soap! First buy some glycerin at the craft store and some lemons at Safeway.

Have your handsome boyfriend remove the zest with the zester.

Zested lemon and 1950s Mallo Ware plate.

Chop up the cubes of glycerin and make a double boiler.

Have Evan stir.

The glycerin cubes start to melt.

They look sorta like ice cubes.

Keep stirring.

Almost melted.

Add the lemon zest.

Stir once again.

Pour into your re-usable molds you purchased at the craft store. Extra soap has to go into plastic cups.

Play Mexican Train dominoes while waiting for it to cool.

Then place in the freezer to help the soap pop out of the mold.

The zest settles into the bottom of the mold, so that portion is slightly darker. No artificial colors were needed. We made rosemary soap last night.

Rosemary soap.

It had a much stronger scent.

Now I guess I better go take a shower.

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