Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So a gay Libertarian says to me First the mustache SO not in fashion anymore...Secondly I respect what gay activists have done in the past...but it morphed in to something that is killing us now...Believe it or not, some of us gays have FAMILIES that we need to take care of...SO I will vote my pocket book...you can vote on queer causes that mean NOTHING if we don't have economic freedom...but some of you gays can't think beyond your penis!

The self-hatred of gay Republicans/Libertarians always surprises me. I remember when I was co-chair of the LGBT group up at Arizona State University, there was this one guy who would come to meetings and try to bring everyone else down by telling us that if he had that magic pill, he would take it and instantly be straight.

There will always be "house faggots," as Dan Savage has eloquently said. Gay men who care only about money, appearance, and social standing. They complain about the activists, while enjoying the ability to live their lives because of what the activists did. So glad I escaped that way of life.

Christopher's portrait of me.

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