Sunday, December 15, 2013

Patrick is the smartest dresser among my friends. So I was excited to give him a bowler from the Gentleman's Emporium for a Holiday present. He really likes it.

1890s Patrick.

I watched as Patrick put his lights on his tree and then the ornaments.


Later that evening he arrived at my house, tied my bow tie (still haven't figured out that last step) and off to Rick and another Patrick's Christmas Party.

Victorian gentleman, or scoundrels?

I spent a lot of time talking with straight women. Also everyone got to try my tophat on.

Shawn and his sister, whose name I cannot remember.

The gin and tonics were super strong, good thing Patrick was the driver because I got very tipsy before I realized how strong the drinks were.

Drinky-drunk selfie.

And of course I woke up feeling nauseous and spinning. The cats were happy that I lay in bed for a super long time. They view me as a giant heating pad and snuggle up against me.

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