Thursday, February 13, 2014

One of the bobcats keeps walking by my window at work. It is male, or at least it pees like one.


At work I spent time adding numbers up for tables and matching the numbers in the text. Science!

While the rest of the country is freezing and snowy, it is in the 80s here in Tucson. I'm hoping this will help with the horrendous electricity bills ($300 last month, $200 this month).

I left work early and the modern streetcar was ahead of me. They are testing the new cars, training the drivers. Can't wait for it to begin.


I took mother to the Gem and Fossil show, instructing her not to touch anything. Some of the things on display had price tags around $80,000.

Mother is not a fossil.

She found something to buy and then complained about how hot it was. We went to three different places and saw the same stuff in many of them. Not sure who buys all of those random rocks.

Dinner tonight: scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Mother liked her supper. 

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