Friday, September 26, 2014

Last weekend Jesse and Craig came down to help me celebrate my birthday. I made them put on tophats just because.


We went to the streetcar and got on. The Fare Enforcement officer Paul was a jerk. More than once. They are really patrolling the streetcar to make sure everyone has paid and you feel like a dirty criminal, just the way us gay folks felt before the sodomy laws were repealed!

We ended up at Brooklyn Pizza and of course we had pizza, three beers, and a soda all for $27. 

Craig is excited by pizza.

Homer and Jesse look less excited, but we gobbled it down.

Afterward we went to IBTS for a drink or two and listened to people do karoake. It was fairly deserted. The gay bars in Tucson are slowly dying.

Then off to Hotel Congress for Retro Game Show Night. We stayed for the first half, and then left to come home and play dominoes, which was more fun anyways.

The next morning breakfast at The Good Egg and poor service. I won't get the pineapple upside down pancakes again, they were average. We then went to Sweetwater Wetlands and saw some coots and lots of tiny fishes.

Back home, I enlisted Craig's help in making a chocolate mayonnaise cake. 

Baker Craig.

I was to take it to a sarong-themed party and I almost didn't go, but then changed my mind. I stopped and purchased a sarong and went and the chocolate cake was raved about. The frosting was chocolate-whiskey buttercream and I confess, it was awesome.

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