Sunday, October 26, 2014

I cleaned out the closet in the dining room and among the boxes if my Black GI Joe doll. Mother saved the box and uniform.

My brother had the blonde one, which I also have.

Jeff was in town from Flagstaff and we went to a Greek restaurant and spent a couple of hours discussing the ups and downs of contract archaeology. It was nice to catch up. We have been friends since 2005.

Homer and Jeff.

I drove north to spend the weekend with my buddies. We had Ethiopian food Friday night and were somewhat horrified by the presence of a cockroach on the table.

Saturday morning we took Chopper to the dog park and he ran around excitedly for a while.



In the afternoon I demanded we go to an antique mall and I found a couple of photographs with names on them to research and return to descendants.


It is an enormous antique mall with mostly junk. I did see a painting I admired a lot, but I am not spending extra money if I can avoid it.


We left the antique mall and traveled to a Kroger's store and I bought nacho ingredients and I made nachos and salsa and guacamole. Craig chopped things. It was tasty. We later made plastic bead mosaics and watched Gilmore Girls and I yelled at the dumb characters.

That night I admired the dragon fruit blooming in the backyard. I had never seen one before.

Dragon fruit.

This morning I attended a double wedding ceremony. It was really informal and lovely and I had a really nice time. I was glad I had brought extra tissues since Drew and Adam needed them.

The couples.

It was on the roof of an apartment building with nice views and high enough fences so I did not freak out (I hate heights).

Robert and Ray.

Jeff and Chuck.

I told Adam to pose against the 1960s inspired wallpaper.

Adam matches.

Afterward we had lunch at a New Orleans-themed restaurant and I had a fried green tomato po' boy sandwich. The French fries were super crispy and good.

Jeff and Chuck's first drink as a married couple.

Such a nice weekend. I had a lovely time.

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