Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Second day of the no-snacks diet. Starving. I allow myself one delicious cookie. I ate vegetables with tahini for supper. Starving. I will be skinny again and wear my cute shirts that I cannot wear. 

This morning I went over to basically complete my exhibit at the courthouse. One small artifact label and it will be done. It looks really good. The company didn't make any money on it, but the final product came out really well and the courthouse folks are pleased. Afterward I went to the county courthouse and looked up old deeds. Then came home and because I was starving, had lunch early. Then stopped and got my haircut and went on to work for a few hours.


I dressed up because I was attending a lecture at the Center for Creative Photography by Richard Renaldi. I have admired his work for years and it was great to hear him talk. He was very charming in person.

An image from Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi.

At home, the neighbor dog is barking itself hoarse. I don't think the neighbor is feeding it much and it hears me pouring Buddy's food twice a day and stares at me through the fence, so I dropped a piece of plywood over the fence and pour dry food onto it. Mostly she barks meanly at me, but a few times she comes over and sniffs my hand. She is poorly socialized and according to the neighbor, vicious toward other dogs.

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