Sunday, October 19, 2014

The sunset yesterday was beautiful.

I went to Tucson Pride and saw Jeffrey, Michael, his boyfriend Matt, David, and Nate. We chatted and discussed the previous day's Marriage Equality.

What else? I cleaned out a closet and organized it. I've been doing some reading, well re-reading. Malevil by Robert Merle and War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. I worked on a craft project this afternoon- making a wallet out of dog food and bird seed plastic bags. I need to have an instruction on how to use the sewing machine.

Tonight I have eggplant salted and the bitter liquid is draining out. I am also making a maple cake with maple frosting. Always bust.

Doctor Fred told me I had to lose 20 pounds, so I won't be 74-years-old. I forgot to ask for some super-strong antihistamine to stop the cat hair allergy problem I have been suffering from.

Swollen eye.

I was invited to attend my first friends' wedding, with Ray and Robert getting married next Sunday. I will probably be weepy, so I will make sure to bring a handkerchief.

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