Sunday, November 02, 2014

I carved a pumpkin at the last moment and Doug and I handed out candy. I had about 25 kids come by this year.


Had a migraine last week, seven hours of skull-splitting pain. Very unpleasant and days later I can still feel it.

Today I went off to the office and finished the genealogy newsletter that I put together four times a year. Have been doing that since 1999- 15 years, 12 pages per issue.  

On the way back I stopped off at the Catholic Cemetery. Today is All Soul's Day and dozens of people were out visiting the graves of relatives and friends.

Emilia died in 1933.

The tombstone of Guadalupe and Victoria, a new one installed about 10 years ago, was almost completely buried so I went to my car and of course I couldn't find a trowel, so I found a tablespoon and a brush and uncovered the surface so people could see it.

Elisa died in 1911.

The metal vases on so many tombstones have been broken off- taken to scrap dealers and sold for money by drug addicts. Other stones are broken and the cemetery has no money to repair them.

Vicenta died in 1930.

A woman stopped me and pointed to an enormous mausoleum, which has a cross engraved into the concrete but no other markings. "They say she was a singer or a ballet dancer. She must have been very rich."

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