Sunday, December 06, 2015

Yesterday Mario helped me get a tree for the presidio park. We went to Home Depot and found a nice one for $46.

I'm in charge of the annual Luminaria Night at the park next Saturday, so I am busy doing what I can to get things set up for the event. Mario helped me put the lights on, I'm using the big bulbs that I usually put on my front porch. This year I am being cheap with electricity.

Mario and the tree.

For decorations I went to Ebay and searched for vintage Christmas postcards. It is easy to save the scanned images and put them in a Word document and then send them to the color printer. I cut each out, punched a hole, and tied on a loop of ribbon. I am so Martha Stewart.


Another card!

I've been doing Holiday cards this afternoon. That is about all I will be doing this year. Short on funds and not really feeling any seasonal spirit.

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